Shy Guys Decoded

Published: 08th September 2010
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Girls, do shy guys seem to be a mystery sometimes? Do they throw out signals that they're interested in friendship, dating and romance one moment and then seem aloof and distant another? What you need is to have shy guys decoded.

If he is a shy guy he may have trouble taking the initiative. Everyone is different, but maybe he was burned a few times in the past by getting his hopes up and then being rejected. Therefore, he is reluctant to speak about his true feelings.

Let him know you like him in little ways first. This doesn't have to be with words. Perhaps eat lunch with him a few times first, or walk with him if he's going in your direction. Strike up a conversation with him every opportunity you get. If he seeks you out for conversation as well, this is a sure sign that you have made the first step towards friendship.

Remember that other girls may have spent time getting his hopes up and giving him the wrong signals, and then when he gathers up the courage to ask her out, she rejects him. Understanding this is one of the first steps to getting shy guys decoded.

In other words, maybe there's a reason he's holding out on saying something or letting you know that he likes you. If he shows signs that he's interested in you he may just be intimidated by you.

Maybe he wants to spend more time with you, but he doesn't know how to put his feelings into words. What you shouldn't do is ask him how much he likes you. This will put him on the defensive and cause him to get nervous. Let him show his feelings through deeds rather than words.

Also, don't cling. If you seem too desperate to get to know him better, it may turn him off. Also, be attuned to little verbal or nonverbal hints he may send out indicating his feelings towards you.

Remember that guys seem to have more obligations than girls in any kind of dating relationship. He is often expected to be the one to ask the girl out, which puts the girl in the power position of being able to accept or reject, and exposes the guy's vulnerability. It isn't always easy for guys.

Grasp these simple truths and you will be on your way to having shy guys decoded.

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