Reading Body Language: Signs of Suspicion or Doubt

Published: 08th September 2010
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Ever wonder if you are seen as a person who is believable and reliable or as one who is in doubt? Here are a few of the secret body language cues that you can read to see if you are being trusted:

Someone gives you a sideways glance; that is, he looks at you out of the corner of his eye. (Perhaps this is where the expression " I was given the cold shoulder" came from. The person turns slightly sideways with a shoulder towards you and gives you a slightly sideways glance)

He rubs or touches her eyes or ears.

He lets his glasses fall down his nose and he looks at you over the top edge of them. This gesture often makes the recipient feel he is being closely scrutinized or looked down upon.

He may keep his hands firmly thrust into his pockets.

He may fold his arms across his chest. An even stronger sign of distrust as if his hands are clenched while his arms are folded.

What about gestures that you do that give you away when you have reservations or doubts about yourself? One such gesture is rubbing or touching the nose, according to Gerard I. Nierenberg, author of "How To Read A Person Like A Book."

Gestures Exhibited To Reassure Oneself

Many people have trouble with decision-making. Should I keep this job or look for a new one? Should I buy this model or that one? The gestures one makes when one is unsure of his decision fall into certain Discernible patterns. for example:

He may put a pen in his mouth.

He may pinch the fleshy part of his hand.

He may hold his hands tightly together.

Some people may nibble their fingernails.

A woman may unconsciously put her hand up to her throat.

He may rattle the coins inside his pockets (this can also be a sign of impatience).

People do various things to reassure each other.

A common gesture of reassurance displayed by women, such as during a crisis, is not to shake hands, but gently hold each other's hands in theirs while expressing sympathy by their facial expressions and speech.

Some people (for example politicians) may give what is known as a two-handed handshake: shaking your hand with the right-hand while at the same time cupping your hand with the other.

How to Tell When Someone Is Lying

People life for very us reasons. It may be to conceal a blunder, to keep out of trouble, or simply to avoid being annoyed by trivial hassles. The so-called "white lie" is generally indulged in to keep from distressing others. In some cases people may lie because they have difficulty separating falsehood from reality. Here are some of the signs you may detect when someone is lying:

His voice may be shrill or speeded up. Alternately, his voice may falter and fall down in volume.

He may not maintain eye contact. This is also a sign of someone who does not wish to discuss a particular issue. This is a problem for shy people, as they often also have trouble making steady eye contact and so may be seen as in doubt or untrustworthy.

The eyes of the dishonest person may dart around, or he may look out from the corner of his eye.

He may wet his lips with his tongue.

His eye blinking movements gain in rapidity.

He may stroke his throat.

He folds his arms across his chest.

He may repeatedly touch parts of his face, such as the nose, ears and mouth as if to protect them.

He may impulsively scratch the back of his head and neck.

He may have a closed posture, a downward stare, and an unconfident manner. This is another gesture that can be misinterpreted in shy people.

He may tap the floor with his feet or the table with his hands.

In extreme cases he may glance downward repeatedly and hunch his shoulders.

He may position is body towards the exit, as if eager to escape the situation.

He may seem edgy, and may unconsciously clear his throat and swallow frequently.

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