Do men like quiet shy women?

Published: 08th September 2010
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Do men like quiet shy women? Men can indeed like shy women. Shy women, after all, are less likely to be loud or demanding, pushy or obnoxious.

In fact, the word "demure" seems to have been coined specifically to describe the shy woman. In the song "Femininity," the lyrics of which are tips on how to woo a man, one of the lines goes, "Be demure, sweet and pure / Hide the real you."

What is being demure? One dictionary defines it as:"(of a woman or her behavior) reserved, modest, and shy." Still another gives the definition: "seeming more modest and proper than one really is; coy, as in "the demure smile of a flirt."

So, being a shy woman can actually seem to some like coyness or flirting! The key thing though, is not to seem unfriendly, aloof or standoffish, a common problem for shy people.

This means that you, as a shy woman, should make every attempt to strike up as many conversations as possible. In fact, the best time to strike up a conversation is the very first opportunity you have to do so; that is, your first time meeting a new person.

The tendency of a shy person is to rationalize to herself "this is not a good time to talk; I can always talk later." Not true! The first time you meet somebody is always the best time to strike up a conversation!

You've heard of the power of a good first impression? This is what it's all about. If you fail to make conversation and you come off to a guy as being standoffish, you may find it that much harder to strike up a conversation with him the next time you have a chance.

Your first conversation with somebody does not have to be a lengthy one. If you are meeting someone in a work situation, for example, you may feel that you do not have a lot of time to talk before you need to get back to work. However, at least a few minutes of conversation with someone when you first meet them is almost always possible.

A good way to strike up a conversation is to ask the guy a few questions about himself. For example "do you live in this area?" Or, how do you like it here?" "What do you do when you're not working?" These are all good questions to get the conversation going.

Remember these tips and I think you'll find a positive answer to the question "Do men like quiet shy women?"

Tim Arends has for over ten years maintained the Internet Shyness FAQ, now at Shy FAQ Visitors to his site can obtain a FREE copy of his ebook, How to Remember People's Names; the Master Key to Success and Popularity. Tim also offers his complete overcoming shyness system at Shy Facts

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